concupiscence66 (concupiscence66) wrote,

"A Beautiful Disaster" a Nathan Barley Fic

Title:  A Beautiful Disaster
Author:  Concupiscence66  
Rating:  NC-17 (To be safe)
Warnings:  language, drug use, sex (het and slash), heavy drinking, violence, general bad behavior
Pairings:  Dan and a lot of different people

Dan "The Preacher  Man" Ashcroft has accepted that "well futile" isn't just a moronic saying - it's a way of life- but every time Dan tries to give in to despair, hope rears its ugly head and lures him back to reality.

Discovering he has a fully grown daughter from a (very) youthful affair with a brilliant writer leads Dan to reflect on his life (and drink a lot of whiskey). It also sets in motion a series of events that could very well change his life for the better. Can Dan change? Can he accept love, success and good fortune? Dan is pretty sure the answer is a hard 'no' but hope springs eternal.

Like an incurable STD.

Author's note:  Thanks so much to bluestocking79 and cinnamon_girl95 for all the time you put in, your encouragement and most of all your brilliant little brains. You have no idea how much your feedback helped. This was supposed to be 10,000 words, it's closer to 35,000 and you guys stuck with me through the whole thing!  You are beautiful human beings and just so wonderful to work with.  I adore you both and I further extend my love to booshslashhaven which is apparently the nicest community ever. 

The art is by karneol_vision and she is a fucking genius! To paraphrase Howard Moon, she can't be over-hyped.  She matched herself up to the most insane author participating in smallfandombang and was getting bits of this story right up to a couple of days before posting and she has made art that is so beyond beautiful... I want to physically step into this world because it looks so much better and more inviting than the real one.  Not only is she an amazing artist, she's a brilliant person and was so helpful in helping me form the story.

You'll find the artwork here.

1. A Disaster in Progress
2. The Meeting(s)
3. Dan Briefly Thinks Life Doesn't Suck
4. The Party
5. Saturday Afternoon
6. Saturday Night
7. Revenge, Yeah?
8. Dan's Ugly Shirt
9. Well Epilogued
Tags: angst, fanfic, het, nathanbarley, nc-17, slash, smallfandombang
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